Stain Removal & Carpet Repairs

Wine stains, marker pens, paints, urine or pet stains?

A tough stain in your carpet can be a real eye sore and if renting, left rectified can result in some loss of your bond, costing you money! Book Stately for your stain removal and carpet repairs.

It’s inevitable that someone will spill something on the carpet, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean and immaculate with dog fences, no shoes inside the house, cheap rugs, regular vacuuming, and cleaning. Even the best among us can get stains.

The team at Stately have had extensive Advanced Stain Removal training to successfully remove these stains.

Most stains are removed with our carpet cleaning process however, if the stains are permanent or carpet fibre has been damaged we have many solutions to restoring the carpet.

Identifying whether your carpet is made of synthetic or natural fibres is the first step in cleaning a stain from it. This can help you avoid further harm to the carpet by determining the optimal cleaning solution for the particular stain and carpet type.

If carpet has been damaged beyond repair, for example a burn or if the carpet fibre is damaged by pets, we are able to do a bonded insert repair.

Ready to get the Best Local Carpet Cleaners on the job?

Mending your Carpets to Perfection

Leftovers from the initial installation are common. It pays to properly search your home for any potential fresh remnant sources because they make the ideal donor materials.

You will need to snip out little fragments of your current carpet from concealed spots around the house if you are unable to source from new remnants. Inside cupboards is an ideal place to locate a potential match.

Stately Carpet Care, have easy solutions for all your carpet repair problems.

We have a range of solutions to repair rather than replace if you have carpets that have suffered:

Whether you need carpet repairs for your own home, at a rental property or at your commercial property, we can take care of it all.

Our technicians are highly skilled using modern equipment with all the latest techniques to ensure the best possible repairs to your carpets.

Stain removal and carpet repairs

Extremely impressed by the service and job done to the 4 rooms I got done today. Having 2 young children and carpets that look much older than they actually are I thought I would give professionals a go to see what they could get out.

Nick Somerfield

Our services include FREE spot removal, deodorizing, and sanitizing, all included in one low price. No hidden fees here! Don’t wait until tomorrow call today for free quotes!!

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