Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

When only the best will do.

As a comprehensive carpet cleaning expert, Stately Carpet Care also offer commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. We cater to the carpet cleaning needs of all businesses – big and small – with the highest quality and efficiency in the cleaning industry. We use state of the art equipment along with environment-friendly cleaning materials to make sure that your carpets are clean, safe and healthy.

Area Rug Cleaning – We are experts when it comes to cleaning the area rugs in your office lobby, hallways or other spaces. As these rugs are often placed in heavy traffic areas, they can become soiled quite easily. At Stately Carpet Care, we have an experienced team who can clean all kinds of rugs – synthetic, wool, cotton, silk, Oriental or Persian. We work on them gently, yet effectively, so that your rugs remain fresh and clean.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning – We also offer commercial tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane and its suburbs, so that not only your carpets and upholstery but also your floors are squeaky clean. Our cleaning technicians apply special cleaning solutions along with the latest deep-cleaning extraction equipment to remove the dirt and build-up on the tiles and grout.

Water Damage Cleaning – Accidents do happen. If your business premises suffer from the havoc created by burst pipes, flood damage or any other leaks, it can damage your carpets and even the floor beneath it. However, we have a team of experienced technicians who can easily extract the water from the carpets, and set up specialised drying equipment to quickly dry the carpet, underlay and sub-floor.  This will reduce the possibility of mould growth.  

Upholstery Cleaning – Very often your desk chairs, sofas, partitions and other commercial upholstery also need cleaning. Stately Carpet Care can help you in cleaning your upholstery so that they continue to be clean and inviting. Our quick service ensures minimum disruption of your busy schedules.

corporate hotel floor clean

Always happy to have the team from Stately at the school. Their 7 Step Cleaning has ensured many more years out of the carpets in our classrooms.


Stately Carpet Care offers affordable comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services so that your business premises are always cleaner, healthier and safer for your employees and customers.

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