Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Offering expert care for your tiles.

Stately Carpet Care, an expert carpet cleaning service provider, also offer fast and reliable tile and grout cleaning services to not only lift dirt and grime but also eradicate mould and disease causing/spreading bacteria.

Tiles can look non-porous but there can be numerous tiny pores on the surface along with the grout which are ideal places for dirt and grime to accumulate and also bacterial growth. Regular mopping/steam mopping pushes the dirty water into the grout lines. This is why the grout looks dirtier once dry.  Regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping can help to keep tiles clean but the dirt is only pushed into the grout. Once you have built-up grime in your grout it is important to get your tiles and grout deep cleaned by a professional, we clean the tile & grout with a special solution that is pressure sprayed and then all the dirty water is extracted back into our van waste tank not left on the grout.

Stately Carpet Care in Brisbane are the leading tile cleaning experts, using sophisticated equipment and techniques to make sure that your tiles are not only clean but also healthy and free from bacteria.

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4 Step Professional Clean

  1. Assess the floor area and remove any tripping or slipping hazards.
  2. Apply a detergent to lift dirt and contaminants, this is left to dwell which then suspends the dirt and contaminants.
  3. Once the detergent has had dwell time, we then pressure wash the tile & grout and extract all the dirty water back into the truck mounted cleaner to dispose of in a ethical manner.
  4. Drying time is the same as if you had mopped. Sometimes the grout takes a little longer to dry as a certain type of grout is very porous. 
Stately Tile and Grout Cleaning

When our rental property flooded they came out the next day. Great service, great knowledge great price, great people. Highly recommend to anyone.

Jane Matak

Our technicians are highly skilled to ensure the appropriate detergent and cleaning methods are used for the type of tiles you have, to ensure no damage is sustained to your tiles. Tile and Grout Cleaning done by the experts.

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