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If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning services, we, at Stately Carpet Care have got you covered as we love what we do, just look at our reviews from past clients.

Established in 2003, Stately Carpet Care is an expert carpet cleaning service provider in the Brisbane area. We offer you quick and easy carpet cleaning solutions at affordable prices.

To ensure your carpets are cleaned hygienically and thoroughly we use latest equipment and technologies like:

We deliver high-quality carpet cleaning and repair services to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Many of our new clients come to us through referrals from our existing customers so you can rest assured your next carpet cleaning service will be done by knowledgeable, friendly and professional carpet cleaning experts.

Ready to get the Best Local Carpet Cleaners on the job?

7 Step Professional Clean

Here’s how we clean carpets, in a fast efficient manner.
  1. Do a walk-through of home to identify the type of carpet, inspect the marks & stains
  2. Offer advice on best course of action
  3. Pre-vacuum in accordance with AS/NZS 3733:2018
  4. Pre-treat stains and high traffic areas
  5. Pre-spray carpet with our specialised soil breaking solution
  6. Allow solution to dwell for optimal dirt removal
  7. Use hot water extraction to remove soil and stains (where removable) from the carpet fibres
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Our Methods

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is the preferred method of carpet cleaning for homes. It involves pre-spraying carpet and stains with a suitable carpet cleaning detergent and very hot water.

The solution is then left to dwell to ensure staining is lifted from the carpet fibre. Once the solution has had time to dissolve the stains/dirt we then rinse the solution from the carpet with our high powered machine which leaves the carpets soft and smelling fresh and clean.

The carpet will be damp to the touch only and will be dry (depending on weather conditions) within 2 to 3 hours.


Encapsulation cleaning is sometimes used for carpets that have a high volume of traffic, such as commercial properties or high rise apartment common areas.

The solution is applied with a rotary scrubbing machine. The ‘solution’ is sprayed onto the carpet and scrubbed with the machine. This scrubbing action doesn’t damage the carpet fibre. The cleaning compound in the solution then encapsulates the dirt which is subsequently vacuumed up afterwards. One advantage of this with commercial properties is the carpet can be used within an hour and will be mostly dry.

When our rental property flooded they came out the next day. Great service, great knowledge great price, great people. Highly recommend to anyone.

Jane Matak

Our services include FREE spot removal, deodorizing, and sanitizing, all included in one low price. No hidden fees here! Don’t wait until tomorrow call today for our Carpet Cleaning Service.

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