Pest Management

pest management

Do you have unwanted visitors?

Stately Carpet Care,can assist you in erradicating your pest problems.

We are aware that pest control is a bothersome but occasionally required service. Due to our building surroundings, modern lifestyle, and our shared “Australian way of life,” the majority of homes and businesses need this.

It is best to have your property evaluated by a professional if you have any doubts about whether or not you might have termites in order to limit the damage and have the best treatment plan, ongoing maintenance, and monitoring set in place for your home.

Ready to get our Pest Management Team on the job?

Brisbane’s warmer months are the ideal time for ants to flourish. Ants can actually pose a health risk by spreading a variety of diseases and bacteria, despite the fact that they may initially appear to be more bothersome than dangerous. They have the ideal environment and chance to do so because they are frequently seen in the kitchen and pantry.

In Ipswich, East Brisbane, Queensland, Stately Carpet Care offers

a reliable and secure Pest Management service, which includes Spiders, Household Ants, Cockroaches & Silverfish eradication for residences and businesses. We promise a durable and safe solution.

With no risk to family members, pets, or non-target animals like possums, sugar gliders, or birds, our cutting-edge and efficient pest control method directly targets the unwanted pests.

Cockroach control we us chemicals that leave no odour or residue and continue to function for several months, modern professional cockroach removal is quick, safe, and successful. All areas are treated with a gel based solution which cockroaches are attracted to. They feed on the bait and it is spread back to the colony, leading to eradication of the entire nest.

Gel baits are safe to use around children and pets as long as you have a professional licensed pest controller placing the baits.

When you engage our cockroach control services, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Odourless and non-hazardous
  • Fixed price quote – no added extras
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Professional products with superior results
  • Works faster, more effectively and longer than DIY products
  • Harmless to pets and humans
  • No fumes or odour

Extremely happy with the team and their hard work. Job was perfect, real estate happy, great value and superb customer service. They even helped me find a bond cleaner who was also fantastic. Definitely recommend, we would use again happily.


Fast - Safe - Effective

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