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Q: Do I have to be in for you to clean?

A: No we are able to accept the payment once finished via a quick phone call and leave the keys where you tell us to

Q: Can I pay in installments?

A: We have partnered with part of to offer you interest free credit on your services. Pay over insatllments to suit you. Just choose humm at the cart checkout.

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Q: How long are you at the house?

A: It may vary, but generally speaking, the appointment will last at least 1 hour – 3 depending on your requirements.

Q: How long does it take for my carpets to dry?

A:Once we are finished your carpets will be damp not wet and will (In most cases) will be touch dry within the hour, and completely dry within 3 – 4 hours depending on carpet fibre and/or weather conditions.  We also have a low moisture carpet cleaning method for even faster drying

Q: Do you use one of those small portable machines?  

A:No we have a truck mounted machine ensuring higher water temperature giving a true ’steam’ clean, also a very powerful vacuum which is capable of extracting as much moisture as possible ensuring faster drying times. We do have a portable machine which can be used in high rise buildings or anywhere our truckmount hoses cannot reach.  (length of our reach is 60 mtrs).  

Q: How do I claim on my insurance in case of accidental damage or flooding?

A: A quick call to your insurance company, in some cases we can send the insurance our invoice.

Q: Are you insured?  

A:Yes we are fully insured with a reputable insurance company

Q: Do you guarantee your work?  

A: We offer a satisfaction guarantee of all our work

Q: Do real estates accept your work?  

A: We are the preferred cleaners for several real estates in and around Brisbane and also the stain removal specialists for several high rise residential buildings in Brisbane city.