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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Offering expert care for your tiles

Stately Carpet Care, an expert carpet cleaning service provider also offer fast and reliable tile cleaning services to not only lift dirt and grime but also eradicate mould and disease causing/spreading bacteria.

Tiles can look non-porous but there can be numerous tiny pores on the surface along with the grout which are ideal places for dirt and grime to accumulate and also bacterial growth. Even though regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping can help to keep tiles and grout clean, they don’t offer deep cleaning. Once you have built in grime or mould in your grout it is important to get your tiles and grout cleaned by a tile cleaning specialist to restore them to their former glory and to eradicate mould which can be the cause of certain illnesses such as asthma, colds, coughs and allergies.

Stately Carpet Care in Brisbane are the leading tile cleaning experts, using sophisticated equipment and techniques to make sure that your tiles are not only clean but also healthy and free from bacteria.

Our many satisfied customers have come to rely on Stately Carpet Care to take care of all their tile cleaning needs for:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Offices
  • Commercial premises
  • Body Corporates
  • Clinics

As part of our expert tile cleaning service we:

  • Clean & sanitise the tiles
  • Clean & sanitise the grout
  • Seal & protect the tile
  • Seal & protect the grout

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Our technicians are highly skilled to ensure the appropriate carpet cleaning detergent and cleaning method for the type of tilest you have ensures no damage is sustained to your carpet.

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Safety is also paramount to Stately Carpet Care so along with highly trained and insured technicians our equipment is regularly test and tagged and we carry safety data sheets.  We use state of the art equipment along with environment-friendly cleaning materials to make sure that your tiles are clean, safe and healthy.