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8 months ago

Unsure why FB has decided to thank everyone who has recommended us from as far back as 2016
😳 🤣

8 months ago
Stain Removal - Stately Carpet Care

The new blog on our website which gives specific instructions on how to proceed when you spill something on your carpet.

Handy to bookmark this page it may save you having to call us for stain ... See more

Let’s talk about stains. So you’ve dropped a glass of red wine on the beige plush wall to wall carpet. Number 1 don’t panic it’s not the end of the world. Before you go running to the ... See more

8 months ago
Simple Stain Removal

Removing stains is such an easy process when you know what you're doing. Stately Carpet Care are the experts that other carpet cleaners recommend when they can't get a stain out. We are proud to be ... See more

8 months ago

We don’t charge extra for stain removal because stains are removed easily with our top of the range machine and cleaning solutions ☺️
🙌 #statelyclean #carpetcleaning #statelycarpetcare ... See more

8 months ago

Well what an eventful week we've had. After we lost mum it was like the universe said "these guys need a break" and our work dropped down dramatically. We didn't stress because we needed to grieve, ... See more

9 months ago

It is with great sadness that we let people know that Chris’s mum passed away peacefully in her sleep last night.

If we are slow to respond over the coming few days please be patient with us ... See more

9 months ago

Red wine stain removal at this high end hotel at Southbank!

After using many cleaners for their carpets we are now asked to attend just for stain removal because we are the only ones who can get the ... See more

9 months ago

Check this speed demon 🤣

10 months ago
Photos from Stately Carpet Care & Pest Control's post

Wood stains are something that can be impossible to remove, but with the right training and understanding of the stains we have a pretty good success rate.

These stains were in a room that could've ... See more

10 months ago
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If you have used our services, please feel free to leave us a review as we are currently receiving a lot of enquiries and referrals from other carpet cleaners for stain removal.

We are trying to ... See more