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4 days ago

Not many likes to go until we reach 2,000

Once we reach that milestone we will be having some celebratory discount vouchers to give away

There will be drinks and nibbles......... oh hang on wrong ... See more

5 days ago

A good clean and fabric protection means extra life for this beautiful couch

6 days ago
Click here to support Emily’s Fight with Hodgkin Lymphoma organized by Teneille Wilkins

One of my very beautiful friends has just found out her daughter is very unwell.
Sherrie is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Any donation big or small will be much appreciated xxx

1 week ago

Today we pay our respects to the many who laid their lives on the line. Every day heroes, some paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Today we honour every person that lay their lives on the line for war, we ... See more

1 week ago

100 degrees Celsius is boiling point 🔥

We don’t need to charge extra for sanitising it happens as we clean 🥳

We don’t charge extra for stain removal- it happens as we clean 🥳

Stick ... See more

1 week ago
Photos from Stately Carpet Care & Pest Control's post

Deep steam clean for this carpet yesterday.

So satisfying to do this 😊

We always fight over who is going to do the dirtiest part 😂

Best part of this job was cuddles with a 5 wk old baby ... See more

2 weeks ago


** Please send a message to our page. We don’t put prices/queries on the page as our opposition have been known to undercut us**

If your air con technician doesn’t ... See more

2 weeks ago
Osko by BPAY

Our new way of accepting payment is OSKO which is backed by BPay.

This is a free and easy way for us to accept payment and there are no bank fees for either party.

Most banks have this facility ... See more

2 weeks ago

Our cute little man who helped us out 2016 and still wants to work for us when he grows up.

Here he is 2019 with his big brother. Their smiles can honestly light up a room. Beautiful manners, ... See more