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2 weeks ago

We are still up and running. Getting the carpets cleaned and sanitised.
This was a 15 yr old nylon carpet at a residence in Blacksoil. Cleaned up really well 😁

3 weeks ago

Doing what we do best ☺️

3 weeks ago

If you’ve used our services before please feel free to leave a review for us about anything you like.

Examples: Bev is awesome OR Bev is so friendly OR Chris is so lucky to have her! You get ... See more

3 weeks ago
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Those unsightly bleach discoloured stains you have are permanent right? WRONG we can put the dye right back in there and no one will ever know there was a mark there.
Ask us how 0419645296

1 month ago
Waste Water 💪

What’s healthier Carpet or Tiles/Wooden floors?

Carpets act as a filter for all the dirt and dust that enters your home. Tiles don’t filter the dirt it settles on top of the tiles and when you ... See more

1 month ago

**Friday Funday**

Give us some corny rhymes. I’ll start 🤣🤣

Clean Chairs 🪑
Vacuum Hairs 💇‍♂️
All day long ☀️
Still going strong 💪

We don’t muck around 🤭
Get rid ... See more

1 month ago

Wow! Look at the difference 🥳

1 month ago
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Another Reclean!

There should never be this amount of suds when we empty the tank. This means the previous “carpet cleaner” filled it with suds and didn’t rinse it sufficiently. This means ... See more