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Stately Carpet Care, an provide a extensive clean and maintenance on your home and office air conditioning unit.

In the cooler months in Queensland it is a great time to have your air conditioning unit serviced. This will rid the unit of all the built up dust, bacteria, mould and contaminants that breed inside the unit while they sit dormant throughout winter.

Leaving it untreated will lead to an unhealthy build up of dust and mould which will be spread into the air the first time you switch it back on.

Spreading mould spores throughout the house may cause allergies to flair up such as Asthma, Hay fever, Rashes, Itching, Headaches, Flu-like symptoms, Runny noses or Coughs to name just a few.

A normal air conditioner clean doesn’t include this type of deep clean and treatment to prevent mould.

Our service includes a

* Deep clean and sanitise of the unit removing all mould dust and dirt. This will guarantee to improve air quality in your home and will save $s on your power bill

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